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Melari: First Time Hitachi

Melari is new to the adult porn world, but she is definitely not new to being horny! She is down for anything and decides for her first time on camera, she wants her hands bound and that she wants to try out a new cordless Magic Wand! Soon she is cumming and screaming, writhing around on the bed. Her hungry pussy actually sucks in the head of the Magic Wand at one point. Now, imagine the pussy muscles that must have taken...and how it would feel around your cock or tongue!

Featuring: Melari

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I Think I'm Alone Now

Horny Huntress is horny, home alone and in need of some release. She loves the feel of a cock inside of her pussy and she needs some now! She grabs her rainbow cock dildo and her cordless Magic Wand and she decides to fuck herself! She knows that she is not supposed to cum without Charlie Bear's permission, but he will never know...right?

Featuring: Charlie Bear, Horny Huntress


Trixie Willcocksin's Debut - Cum for Me!

Trixie is sexy as hell and very excited about cumming for the first time on camera. She has brought along several of her favorite toys just for the occasion. She starts out by teasing and stroking her clit and pussy and then she brings out the toys. She finishes herself off with a loud and intense orgasm! What a debut!

Featuring: Trixie Willcocksin

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Clean Up in Aisle 6

Isabelle Cream finger fucks her pussy and tit fucks herself with a dildo until she squirts.

Featuring: Isabelle Cream


Illusion Creams Over Her New Toy

Illusion has just bought a new toy, but she has not had a chance to try it out yet. So we get to watch as she tries it out for the first time! She starts off by placing it in her mouth to wet it a little bit, teases her nipples a little, then she goes to work on her pussy! This toy is made so that one part is inside her pussy and the other part rests against her clit...and it has a remote control! Illusion plays around with the various settings and starts fucking that hungry pussy of hers! Soon, her pussy is very creamy and we get a nice close look. But is she done yet?

Featuring: Illusion

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Kaylea's first photo shoot for Southwest Fantasies

Number of pictures: 103

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Lady Lykan - An Introduction

Lady Lykan would like to introduce herself with a few self-portraits!

Number of pictures: 14

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Mojo's Charm

Mojo's Charm first bound Hitachi orgasm, with a nice thick dildo thrown in for good measure!

Number of pictures: 7

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Illusion - First Photo Shoot

Illusion's very first photo shoot for Southwest Fantasies!

Number of pictures: 93

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Miz Daisy Day

The preacher's daughter gets a bit naughty! And she's damn good at being bad!

Number of pictures: 140

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Miss-Tiff: Study Break

Miss-Tiff has been studying very hard. But all study and no play makes for no fun and she is suddenly quite horny! She lays her book down and decides to relieve some built up sexual tension.

Number of pictures: 51

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Pussy Pump

Isabelle Cream having some fun with her pussy pump. After that, she spends some time in her ball gag.

Number of pictures: 18

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